This Week on Rox Pile


A slightly belated wrap-up of all the goodies we published here on Rox Pile this week. Check it out – there are three of us now!


I continued the Rockies Retread series with a look at the Rockies first game against the Astros in 1993. You might be surprised at who came out on top in that one.


In my never-ending quest to untangle the mess that is the Rockies’ utility infielder situation, I considered the worth of Jonathan Herrera and whether he’ll be necessary to the team in 2012.


In the latest installment of our Conversations With the Enemy series, Hayden and I grilled and were grilled by Bryan Rosa of Around the Foghorn. It was pretty brutal, but we came out with some answers.

Hayden unpacked Dan O’Dowd’s assertion that the Rockies will have better teamwork in 2012, and wondered just how the guys plan to accomplish that.


Drumroll please! Rox Pile is pleased to introduce our newest staff writer, Curtis Seidle! Curtis made his debut with a post that examines the Rockies’ current roster and which spots will still be up for grabs come spring training. You can follow Curtis on Twitter here.

I took a good look at what Matt Lindstrom brings to the Rockies and assert that the bullpen is in pretty good shape for 2012.


As part of the Homegrown Homecoming series, I gave a shout out to Eric Young, whose pants I just took a picture of in Cooperstown.

Hayden warned us against panicking at the state of our 2012 starting rotation, considering how poorly our opinion of past rotations has predicted their success.

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