Weekly Link Round-Up


Good baseball reads from around the web.

  • I’m pretty much always hoping for a Rockies-Phillies trade or for the Rockies to sign a former Phillie, because then I get to read Justin Klugh’s take on it.
  • I’ve purposely been avoiding actually counting the number of potential starting pitchers the Rockies might have in Scottsdale next month, because I knew the figure would just depress and confuse me. Purple Row’s Jeff Aberle braved the depression and confusion and came out with 17. Oy vey. However, he softens the blow by showing off his impressive anagrammatical skills.
  • Wait, Smith AND Spilly in the same week? This is worse than Iannetta and Stewart in the same week! I’ve spent way too much time this offseason crying and drinking alone. I hope we’re done here.
  • Hey Ryan Braun, just what do you suppose your current situation reveals about your “character?” I have a few ideas.