This Week on Rox Pile


If you missed any of this week’s Rox Pile action, here’s a list of everything we published!


Hayden examined the issues that arise for the Rockies as a member of the National League West; namely, that Coors Field dictates the team pursue offensive strength, while the other parks in the division are more pitcher-friendly.


I made a case for Larry Walker’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, it did not reach the eyes of BBWAA voters in time.

I published an installment in the Rockies Retread series that looked back on a game from May 1993 and the brief Rockies career of Mark Knudson.

Hayden gave us a touching tribute to Aaron Cook and his sinker, in response to the news that Cook signed a minor-league deal with the Red Sox, effectively ending his time in purple pinstripes.


I took a look at Jason Hammel’s role on the 2012 Rockies, particularly as it relates to the performance of the many young pitchers competing for rotation spots.


Hayden took us through an imaginary day in pitching coach Bob Apodaca’s life. Turns out his job might be harder than we all give him credit for.


I examined Todd Helton’s place on next year’s roster, including how we can expect things to play out in the lineup with Michael Cuddyer and what will happen when his back inevitably acts up.


I took a trip back in time to remember Steve Reed as part of the Homegrown Homecoming series. In some ways he disappeared into the crowd of mediocrity that was the Rockies’ pitching staff began, but a closer look reveals he was actually something pretty special.

Hayden reported on the departure of draft pick Russell Wilson for the NFL and wondered whether he can hack it there. And whether he would have hacked it much longer in the Rockies organization.