This Week on Rox Pile


It was a busy week here on Rox Pile as we continued to examine the Rockies’ roster moves and holes that still need to be filled. Here’s what we published in case you missed anything!


I published the first in our Rockies Retread series, which recaps significant games from Rockies history. This episode detailed a particularly memorable performance by Armando Reynoso in May 1993. Don’t forget you can catch up on previous installments over at Rockies Woman.


I analyzed Jason Giambi’s contributions in 2011 and what they mean for his role in 2012, particularly his nasty starter/substitute splits.


I took a look at Dan O’Dowd’s offseason moves and considered what they indicate about his psychological health. Among other things, let’s hope his interpersonal relationships are strong.


I sang the praises of Carlos Gonzalez and assured you all that as long as he is in the field and the lineup, the Rockies are in infinitely better shape than they would be without him.

Hayden took a look at Jorge De La Rosa’s impact on the Rockies’ ability to win, taking us back to the 2009 playoffs and up to DLR’s season-ending injury in 2011. It turns out we may all have underestimated DLR’s value to the club.


I introduced the Homegrown Homecoming series with a feature on former relief pitcher Lance Painter. Previous installments in this series can also be found on Rockies Woman.