Evaluating the Talent: Tyler Chatwood


This is the first player I’m evaluating that I haven’t actually seen play, so take what I say with a grain of salt. If others are to be believed, Tyler Chatwood has GREAT POTENTIAL. He was taken on the strength of this potential, in a trade with the Angels for catcher Chris Iannetta a few weeks ago. He has yet to do anything at the major-league level to deliver on this potential.

Chatwood was drafted by the Angels in 2008 in the 2nd round. The Rockies’ pick in that round was Charlie Blackmon, and they took him 72nd to Chatwood’s 74th. Personally I already prefer Blackmon, but it remains to be seen what Chatwood can do. His upside, per scouting reports, is his wicked high-90’s fastball and the changeup he throws when you least expect it. He has a possible curveball but hasn’t really mastered the command on it yet. He induces ground balls and gets strikeouts, certainly key features I’d like to have in a Rockies pitcher. If the coaches are able to work with him and get him to where he can hit his spots most of the time, he could be a great addition to the rotation or the bullpen.

His stats for 2011, his debut season, are pretty meh: 6-11, 4.75 ERA, 74 K’s in 142 innings. But it was his debut, so again, we are trusting in his potential here. He will compete for a rotation spot in spring training, if the front office doesn’t package him with somebody else for another trade. That’s highly unlikely, but don’t rule it out completely. Especially if the player we get is a veteran starter, which is what we really need.

Where should Chatwood be in 2012? Probably Colorado Springs.

Where will Chatwood be in 2012? Colorado, most likely.