A Brief Introduction


Hello everybody! My name is Hayden Kane and I am very excited to join the Rox Pile team.

I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. Before the arrival of the Rockies, I was a Chicago Cubs fan like so many Colorado fans who saw them on television those days. Of course I was excited as soon as I learned there would be a professional team in Colorado, but it was the teams with the Blake Street Bombers that really hooked me. I liked that their recipe for success was unique to Colorado, and therefore that this was unquestionably Colorado’s baseball team (even if that formula needed to change in later years).

My favorite Rockies of all time are Vinny Castilla, Todd Helton, and Troy Tulowitzki. I wish national writers would acknowledge that Coors Field is no longer the launching pad it once was. I never trusted Brian Fuentes. I am still forcing myself to believe the 2012 Rockies are not that far away from being contenders.

I went through a long process of wanting to pursue sports journalism, then not wanting to, and so on. Ultimately I decided that I needed to find a way to write about the Rockies and still be a fan first. That is something I continue to work on, and I hope that comes through in my posts here. I am very excited to join the conversation about the Rockies with all of you here on Rox Pile.

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