Rockies Woman Weekly Report – 9/17-9/23


Well, Rockies fans, I’ve officially gone crazy. This team is so bad I no longer have any words for them. There is officially nothing that can be done to salvage this season. The Rox are on the business end of an 0-9 streak, and I really won’t be surprised at all if they beat the franchise record and lose 14 in a row. At this point I kind of hope they do. Many years as a Denver sports fan has taught me to appreciate broken records of all sorts, and when the Nuggets went after the worst record in history season after season, well, I was proud that they were shooting for something.

I’m not going to go through the motions of awarding an F to every component of the team for this week’s games. We all know that’s what they deserve. Instead, I’m going to point out a couple of very good performances in the interest of keeping this fan base from completely disappearing into the pit of despair. Yes, a couple of guys did good this week. Here they are.

Dexter Fowler. Dex walked in his first 3 plate appearances in Saturday’s game. That’s 3 non-strikeouts. He also stole a base and hit a 2-run single. The Rockies lost, but Dex did everything he could to prevent that.

Jason Hammel. More reasons why I want Hammel in the bullpen: Sunday’s 2-inning relief appearance in which he gave up 1 hit, no runs, and struck out 2. In small doses, the man is everything you want in a pitcher.

Edgmer Esacalona. Escalona put in a 2-run appearance of his own in Monday’s game and pitched 2 hitless innings. Nothing the pitchers did that day mattered, since the Rockies only came up with 1 hit, but personal accomplishments still count.

Rafael Betancourt. Raffy struck out the side in the 9th inning of Tuesday’s game. He does that a lot these days, but I never get tired of it.

Eric Young Jr. EY collected 3 hits and a stolen base in Thursday’s game. And he didn’t strike out once. Good little lead-off man.

Kevin Kouzmanoff. Kouz also had a 3-hit night Thursday, including his first home run since joining the Rockies. It would have been nice to see that sooner, but better late than never.

Wilin Rosario. Rosario had a couple of hits on Thursday and one was a 3-run shot to left. He has a lot of power and it’s fun to watch him use it. He also struck out a bunch this week but I’m going to choose not to dwell on that.

That’s it guys. Everybody else was rotten. So maybe it’s a good thing the Rockies didn’t make the play-offs, because they’d be laughed right back out of them with this roster.