Juan Nicasio Update


Head athletic trainer Keith Dugger just finished up a press conference at Coors Field regarding injured pitcher Juan Nicasio. Here are the basics.

Nicasio was hit hear the temple on Ian Desmond’s line drive. He was conscious when the training staff and manager Jim Tracy reached the mound. He said his neck hurt, but he was immediately stabilized and coherent the entire time. He asked the training staff to remove the neck brace, but that was obviously not going to happen. The CT scan taken last night showed a blowout fracture of the C-1 vertebrae. The operation took place at midnight Saturday, where two screws were put in his vertebrae, and a plate was inserted in the back of Nicasio’s head. He said he can remember every detail of the ordeal at the park, and will remain in the hospital until early next week. Dugger is optimistic about his recovery, but the long-term prognosis is hard to say as of now. He is scheduled to start range of motion rehab in six weeks, and the Rockies will know much more about his recovery time and process then.

Nicsaio said his only concern was what his family in the Domincan Republic was thinking at the time. Both Dugger and teammate Esmil Rogers were in direct contact with Nicasio’s family. Dugger said Nicasio had the option of a neck halo or neck collar, and is in a cervical collar now. He opted for immedate surgery because it gave him the best chance to pitch again. Surgery determined that there was zero damage to the spinal cord, no bleeding, and no swelling around the injured area. Training staff tried to keep in constant contact with the team from the hospital.

A few quotes from Dugger…

“I don’t think there’s ever been a C-1 fracture in a professional baseball player.”
“I’m not saying it’s career-threatening because I’ve never had to deal with this type of injury.”
“Best-case scenario, we get him throwing in Spring Training, he’s starting for our club.”

More to come as it happens. Watch RoxPile for all the newest developments.