Rockies Trade Rumor Central


With a much-needed off day today, it gives me a little extra time to delve into all the rumors floating around the world of the Rockies. Let’s face it – the Rockies are going to be sellers at the trade deadline. Chances are high someone will go, but who will it be?

Let’s start off with the obvious. I guarantee these players won’t go anywhere soon, if ever.

Troy Tulowitzki, Shortstop
–You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that Tulo, the future face of the franchise, isn’t going anywhere. Do most teams want him? Yes. Will they give up a king’s ransom for him? Perhaps. Will Dan O’Dowd or the Monfort brothers ever be stupid enough to let him go? I’m seeing a big emphatic No.

Carlos Gonzalez, Outfield
–You don’t sign a player to a 7-year, $80 million+ deal if you’re just going to trade him. CarGo is right there with Tulo as the core of this franchise, someone that O’Dowd and the brothers Monfort want to build a championship team (if not dynasty?) out of. Granted, they have A LOT of work to do, but that’s their goal.

Todd Helton, First Base
Really? I’m not even going to dignify this with a response. Let’s just say they’d send him to the Minors before they’d trade Mr. Rockie, the face of the franchise.

Ubaldo Jimenez, Starting Pitcher
He’s the ace, even though he’s struggled. He’s on his way back to his 2010 form. He has an unbelievably reasonable contract. The Rockies are asking for buried treasure in return for him. All of these are the reasons that through all the rumors, Ubaldo Jimenez will return to the Rockies in 2012. He’ll be the ace, back to his normal self. He admitted going to Europe in the offseason wasn’t a good idea, as it messed up his normal offseason routine. He also admitted that he didn’t come forward as soon as he should have with the hip flexor issue he dealt with in spring training. His control is up and his velocity is back where it should be. The rest of this season is dedicated to Jimenez getting back to form, and he can use the offseason to continue that. Once spring training hits – and barring any injury like this year – he’ll be able to get back to the Ubaldo we all know and love for Opening Day 2012.

Seth Smith, Outfielder
Seth will be back as the anchor in right field for the Rockies. Yes, he can hit, but his slightly below-average defense is something that will most likely keep most potential suitors away, but enough that the Rockies will continue to put him in right field every day. He’s a great hitter, and while he won’t hit for power, he’ll hit for average and drive a lot of runs in, which is something this team needs right now.

Jorge De La Rosa, Starting Pitcher
He’s arguably the best left-hander the Rockies have EVER had, the heir apparent to Jimenez, and he’ll still have one year left on his two year, $20 million deal. Better news is that he has an $11 million option for 2013 (which barring an implosion, I’m sure the Rockies will pick up), and a club option for the 2014 season for $11 million. Someone who has the potential to be the best lefty in the game for no more than $11 million a season? Sounds like a steal to me – one the Rockies won’t give up.

Jhoulys Chacin, Starting Pitcher
If De La Rosa is the ace-in-waiting for the Rockies, Chacin is the ace-that’s-really-waiting. He’s got electric stuff, but has stumbled a lot lately. The Rockies believe he just needs to work out the kinks, and what better time to do that then while you’re pitching for the worst disappointment in baseball? Use the rest of this year to prepare yourself for a breakout season in 2012.

Juan Nicasio, Starting Pitcher
Nicasio will most likely be the fourth starter for the Rockies starting in 2012, making the jump straight from Double-A Tulsa a few months ago. He hasn’t looked back. Nicasio worked out his issues a few weeks ago, and is back to being dominant. The Rockies view Nicasio as a project this year, one that’s paid off immeasurably. He’ll be around next year, contending for perhaps even the third spot in the rotation.

Matt Lindstrom, Relief Pitcher
Lindstrom has been probably the best acquisition in the ‘pen that O’Dowd made in the offseason. He’s been reliable, dominant, and only had three or four games where he fell apart. He’ll be next year what Rafael Betancourt was last year – one of the best setup men in the game. No way do the Rockies get rid of him.

Huston Street, Closer
He’s had his rough patches, but I honestly believe this is just a fluke season for Street, much like (we hope) this is for the Rockies overall. He’ll get back to elite status soon, as he currently is among the top closers in the National League in saves with 27. If the offense would get him more chances, he’d have even more. Street will be back to dominant next year. The Rockies’ front office won’t get rid of him this year.

Mark Ellis, Second Basemen
If Mark Ellis leaves Colorado at all soon, it won’t be at the deadline. The front office probably traded for him without the intention of just renting him for this season. He and his family just bought a house in Denver. Tell me, why would you relocate your entire family if you were just planning on being in one place for a few months? Ellis is here for the long haul.

Matt Belisle, Relief Pitcher
Belisle has been spotty at best for years. He has not pitched well, and has a tendency to blow big chances at holding a lead for his team. I make no bones about the fact I don’t like Matt Belisle, but he’s proven why this year. He’s unreliable, and when your ultimate goal is a World Series ring, you can’t hold on to “unreliable.”

Rafael Betancourt, Relief Pitcher
This isn’t necessarily Betancourt’s fault. I put him here only because he’s very good, and because of that, is drawing interest from a lot of teams. I’d love to see Rafael stay in the Rockies’ bullpen for years, but if you’re good and you play for a continual pretender, you’re going to eventually be drawn away to another team. I just hope it’s not this year.

Aaron Cook, Starting Pitcher
The problem with Cookie is we never know who’s going to show up – dominant Cookie or crappy Cookie. If he can pitch every time like he did last night (and in 2008), the Rockies would be idiots not to keep him. If he pitches like he has most of this year, the Rockies need to let him loose sooner than later.

Jason Hammel, Starting Pitcher
He admitted to the media that you never know which Jason Hammel you’re going to get every day. His words, not mine. In my experience, when a professional athlete doesn’t even know himself well enough to tell “which side of him” is going to show up on a given day, that’s a HUGE red flag. I liked Hammel in the beginning, and up until about halfway through this season. Now, it’s hard watching him pitch every fifth day. His days in LoDo may be numbered.

Ty Wigginton, Utility
Unfortunately for Wiggy, this is another problem like Rafael Betancourt. He’s very good, and with that, he’s well sought-after. It will be more of a lure situation with Wiggy – will anyone lure him away from Denver? We all know the Rockies need his bat every day.

Ryan Spilborghs, Outfield
Another Betancourt-Wigginton conundrum. Because of CarGo, Seth Smith, and Dexter Fowler, Spilly has found himself the fourth outfielder for the Rockies. He hasn’t hit very well, but has drawn serious interest from teams like the Red Sox. I love Spilly, but if a better gig shows itself, he should take it.

Dexter Fowler, Outfield
Dexter was a prized project for the Rockies for years. Unfortunately for him, he’s about run out of time. Only recently has he begun to swing the bat well, but he still has waaaay more strikeouts than you’d like to see. He’s gotten better, but he’s really only filling a void in the outfield until Carlos Gonzalez comes back. If he can continue playing well for a full season, then he’ll have a home here. If not, a change of scenery might in the Dex’s near future.

Jason Giambi, First Base
Once again, he’s so good, many different teams have already called to inquire about the Giambino. Luckily for him, he’s on the DL for now which should prevent him from being dealt.


Jonathan Herrera, Infield
For the record, let me start out by saying that I love Jonny Sparkplug. Unfortuately for him, he’s found himself with the short end of the stick because of Mark Ellis and Chris Nelson, who is making a case to be the Rockies second baseman of the future. Herrera has a a great career in front of him, and there is no shortage of need for quality second basemen, but it’s not in Colorado. He’s the odd man out, and has proven that he can’t hit consistently though his defense is above average.

Jose Morales, Catcher
He can’t hit consistently, his defense is below average, and there are two or three prized prospects in the minors waiting for their chance at Big League glory. Time’s up for Morales.

Eric Young, Jr., Infield
He’s facing the same problem Herrera is. He’s a below average fielder and hitter, and his speed is the only reason he’s with the club. He’s being shown off for other teams, and he may one day follow in daddy’s footsteps as a good MLB player, but I doubt it’s with Colorado.

Ian Stewart, Third Base
This one’s pretty self-explanitory if you’ve followed the Rockies this season. He simply hasn’t produced, and hasn’t shown much life at the plate. Maybe he’ll catch fire with another team, or he’s a career minor leaguer. Maybe another team will give him a chance, but with Ty Wigginton doing well, he’s run out of time as a Rockies project at the hot corner.