Cantu Signs with Rockies

By Editorial Staff

With the trade deadline in plain sight, the Rockies have only made one move so far amid many rumors regarding Ubaldo Jimenez, Jason Giambi and Ty Wiggington. However, no one is leaving the Rockies as of yet, but infielder Jorge Cantu signed a minor league deal with the team.

Cantu has played first, second and third in the majors, most recently first and third for the San Diego Padres before being released back in June. Cantu has a .194 batting average this season which is still an improvement over third baseman Ian Stewart’s .142. Although utility player Ty Wigginton has been the most familiar player at third for the Rockies this season—with Ian Stewart’s inability to produce at the plate  and Jose Lopez’s pitiful stint—Cantu would be a good option for the Rockies if all pans out well for him in Triple-A.

Cantu has five teams on his resume, including the Tampa Bay Ray and Florida Marlins. Cantu began his major league career with the Rays in 2004 and stayed through the 2006 season and returned for the second half of the 2007 season after starting with the Reds. In Cantu’s past three seasons he had a .274 batting average, 251 RBIs and 56 home runs.