Patience is a Virtue

By Editorial Staff

In my opinion, the saying patience is a virtue is one of the most overused cliches. Usually the person who is told this is the last person to take the advice. Yesterday during the pre-game show on Root Sports, one of the headlines used was, “Patience is a Virtue.” I believe those who need to hear this phrase are the fans who have more than likely stopped making the Rockies a priority in their lives.

Also, anyone who will be reading this are probably more like me and are still tuning into as many games as possible. No matter how well or not so well the Rockies are playing, I always try to catch as many games as possible. As was seen in the 2007 season, the amount of bandwagon fans is remarkable. I feel many of those fans did stick around until this season, but now when the test of a true fan is in play, many are loosing faith in a team that has the potential to be World Series Champions. No, the team is not living up to the standards we are used to, but that is no reason to give up on them.

Good things come to those who wait. Another cliche, but it’s true. Those fans who stick to every game the Rockies play will be those who will truly know what it means to be a fan. It takes time, but eventually the patience will be paid off and the Rockies will get back on track. Until then, we will just have the feeling of heartbreak with every loss, but with that, each win will mean that much more to the fans than before.