Pitching High and Inside the Priority of Rockies


With the trade deadline only a couple of weeks away, many have been sitting and wondering what moves will be made by the Rockies, especially in the market of starting pitchers. Until recently, Ubaldo Jimenez had not been living up to the expectation many had after his 15-1 record he had prior to the All-Star break last year. He ended last season 19-8 and started off rocky this season with injuries to both his thumb and leg during the first couple month. Jimenez is only 4-8 this season, but the Reds seem to have interest in him, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

Whether or not Jimenez will actually be traded is unknown as of yet, but if the Rockies end up trading him while leaving  RHP Aaron Cook in the starting rotation, many fans will be scratching their heads. After coming back in June from a fractured finger, Cook has gone 0-4 with a 5.85 ERA. It was even surprising to see he would be in the line-up following the All-Star break, pitching Sunday against the Brewers.

The Rockies said they would make a deal for anyone—with the exception of both Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez—if the deal was reasonable. However, owner Dick Monfort said earlier this week the team was looking for someone, but are not looking to give away a lot of talent, nor are they looking to pay big money either. The Rockies have a lot of talent on the mound, but the talent as a whole has not been able to channel the talent fans have come to expect.

Whether or not Jimenez, or anyone else, will be traded, who we may get, etc. is still unknown, but I don’t see Jimenez being traded without someone with talent— not potential—are named in trade talks. The Rockies have plenty of potential with the current pitchers, especially in Triple-A, but what we need to keep dreams of Rocktober alive, is someone who can carry the team right away.