Saturday’s First Pitch

By Editorial Staff

Leading Off

After a 3-2 win over the Nationals, the Rockies broke a five game loosing streak–the worst streak the Rockies have had all season. With the week starting off with the loss of Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki, things are beginning to look up with Gonzalez making his first start since hurting his wrist catching a fly Sunday (although he might not be playing tonight). Tulowitzki is expected to return in tonight’s game.

Due to Charlie Blackmon’s fractured foot, the Rockies called up outfielder Cole Garner. Garner went 1-3 with his first hit and RBI in his major league career.

The Good

The Rockies made due with only five hits in the ball game and left only three runners stranded. The Rockies were able to score three in the fourth inning, giving them the lead and Jason Hammel (5-8) the win. Hammel was the first starter to see more than five innings since Juan Nicasio on July 1 against the Royals. Hammel was far more consistent yesterday and only walked two.

The Bad

It took until the fourth for the Rockies to get a runner on. John Lannan (5-6) retired five at the plate before Jonathan Herrera’s single to center. Once the bats started going in the fourth, the Rockies were able to score. Lannan was taken out of the game early after being hit by Ty Wigginton’s line drive. After this inning, the Rockies only had one more hit. Luckily, the defense stopped Washington after Washington scored their final run in the bottom of four.

The Ugly

Carlos Gonzalez’s comeback was not what we normally see. Gonzalez went 0-4 at the plate, and was unable to make a catch in the ninth while diving. He also bunted in his last at-bat because his wrist hurt too much to swing. Gonzalez said it would depend on how he felt this today, but his start today is unsure.

On Deck

Today’s matchup should be up about as soon as the starting lineup is posted!