RoxPile Power Rankings – Week of June 20th


1. Boston Red Sox (43-28, 1st place in the AL East)
Thanks to Big Papi and Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox continue to tear it up after a horrible start, even though Carl Crawford was placed on the DL.
2. Philadelphia Phillies (45-28, 1st place in the NL East)
The Phillies are continuing to prove why they’re the class of the National League, even though they dropped an Interleague series to Seattle and 7-5 with an ERA higher than he wants.
3. New York Yankees (41-29, 2GB in the AL East)
Even with what seems to be half their team on the Disabled List, New York continues to power it’s way through the baseball world, taking two of three in a series against Chicago at Wrigley Field.
4. St. Louis Cardinals (40-33, T1st in the NL Central)
The Cardinals may be without Albert Pujols for a short time due to a wrist injury, but they have Matt Holliday back, and he’s a key reason why the Cards are tied for first in the Central.
5. Atlanta Braves (40-33, 5GB in the AL East)
Did the Braves suddenly remember they were playing baseball? All of a sudden, the Braves are playing excelled baseball (save for a series in Texas), overtaking second place in the NL East and putting the pressure on Philly.
6. Texas Rangers (38-35, 1st place in the AL West)
The Rangers continue to win, and a huge series win against the Braves put them in good position, but they’re really feeling the heat from teams beneath them. 
7. Seattle Mariners (37-35, .5GB in the AL West)
The Mariners are a team on a mission. They sit two games above .500 and look poised to take advantage of any mis-step by division leader Texas.
8. Milwaukee Brewers (40-33, T1st in the NL Central)
The Brewers got demolised by the Red Sox in their first Interleague series, but continue to play lights-out baseball. Ryan Braun is a legitimate NL MVP threat, as is Prince Fielder, and they’re two huge reasons why Milwaukee is playing so well.
9. Cleveland Indians (39-31, 1st in the AL Central)
The Indians temporarily lost their grip on the division lead, but thanks to a rough weekend for Detroit, they got it back, are looking to hold on to it this week, but first must face a tough Interleague schedule.
10. Cincinatti Reds (38-35, 2GB in the NL Central)
Joey Votto may not be in runaway MVP-form like he was last year, but he’s certainly still playing well and Cincinatti is within striking distance in the NL Central race.
11. San Francisco Giants (39-33, 1st place in the NL West)
The Giants continue to win, but also are facing constant pressure from the Diamondbacks and the resurgent Rockies behind them. A hard Interleague series at Oakland erased any breathing room the Giants had in the NL West.
12. Detroit Tigers (39-33, 1GB in the AL Central)
The Tigers dropped two of three to the Rockies in Interleague play in Denver, but Justin Verlander proved once again he’s one of the best in baseball by hurling his second straight complete game.
13. Arizona Diamondbacks (39-34, .5GB in the NL West)
The Diamondbacks continue to find ways to pound out wins, but are facing pressure from the Rockies coming up hot on their heels. Perhaps they can keep the Rockies at bay for now with an Interleague series at Kansas City.
14. Colorado Rockies (35-36, 3.5GB in the NL West)
After a May straight out of a Stephen King novel, the Rockies are playing like the team they were in April. They’re 10-7 in June and are the hottest team in the NL West since June 1. A road test at Cleveland will continue to test their mettle.
15. Pittsburgh Pirates (35-36, 4GB in the NL Central)
The Pirates continue to flirt with .500, and are finding relative success. They sit just one game behind .500 and welcome in the struggling Orioles before facing the Red Sox in Interleague play.
16. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (35-38, 3GB in the AL West)
The Angels are playing about where they are – mediocre. A three-game set with the suddenly awful Marlins should be just what the doctor ordered for the Halos.
17. Chicago White Sox (35-38, 5.5GB in the AL Central)
The White Sox lost two of three to the Diamondbacks, but face the Cubs in a series in which they should be the favorites. Their 35-38 record is a good barometer for how they’ve been playing recently.
18. Tampa Bay Rays (39-33, 4.5GB in the AL East)
If the Rays were in any other division by the AL East, they may have a shot at a division title. With powerhouses like the Red Sox and the Yankees playing the way they are this year, the Wild Card may be the best the Rays can hope for.
19. Minnesota Twins (31-39, 8GB in the AL Central)
The Twins are playing like a team possessed. At one point, they’d won 11 of 13…. without Justin Morneau or Joe Mauer. At this rate, the Twins will win the AL Central easily, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
20. Los Angeles Dodgers (32-41, 7.5GB in the NL West)
A day in court coming soon will decide the fate of the mediocre Dodgers, but that may not be enough to save this team. They need to jettison payroll in order to stay afloat, and unfortunately for them, that may mean losing some of their stars.
21. Oakland Athletics (33-40, 5GB in the AL Central)
The A’s swept their hated rival Giants, but they still sit just outside shouting distance in their division. Unfortunately for them, a trip to Philadelphia is looming on the horizon.
22. New York Mets (35-37, 9.5GB in the NL East)
The Mets are another team playing up to what their record shows. They’re not good, but they’re not bad either. Jose Reyes for NL MVP? It may happen…
23. Kansas City Royals (31-41, 9GB in the AL Central)
The poor Royals started 2011 out with a bang, making many people think they had a shot at contending this year. Even the recent call up of prized third base prospect Mike Moustakas hasn’t brough the Royals success, but hey, the season’s still young. Sort of.
24. Toronto Blue Jays (36-36, 7.5GB in the AL East)
If it wasn’t for Jose Bautista, the Blue Jays may be 17 games back instead of just 7. They really won’t make waves in the division this year, and can only hope to play spoiler. Hope they enjoyed their stay at .500 as it may be a while before they see it again.
25. Washington Nationals (35-37, 9.5GB in the NL East)
Hey guess what! An eight-game wins streak has the Nationals not in last place anymore! Lucky for them, the Marlins are playing horrible, and though the Nats have won some,  it doesn’t look like Ryan Zimmerman or Jayson Werth(less) can help this team to the postseason. Maybe the Nats should consider signing Alex Ovechkin – he’s not busy right now.
26. San Diego Padres (30-43, 9.5GB in the NL West)
The Padres just suck. There’s no two ways about it. They’re 13 games under .500, falling even farther fast, and are continuing to prove that their impressive 2010 run was just a fluke. Or all about trying to keep Adrian Gonzalez. Now that he’s gone, they have nothing to play for.
27. Chicago Cubs (29-42, 9.5GB in the NL Central)
Cheer up, Cubs fans. You lost two of three to the Yankees – there are a lot of good teams who can say that as well. However, the difference between you and those teams are that the seasons of those teams don’t end before the All-Star Break hits. World Champions 2045!
28. Baltimore Orioles (32-37, 10GB in the AL East)
Maybe hiring Buck Showalter was a bad idea. They can’t keep pace in their own division (of course, who can in the AL East?), they’re in way over their heads in the American League, and Buck Showalter seemed to make the last half of 2010 and the first month of 2011 just a fluke. Cruel joke to play on proud Orioles fans.
29. Florida Marlins (32-40, 12.5GB in the NL East)
The only team in Major League Baseball to be 0-10 in their last 10 games. Need I say more?
30. Houston Astros (27-46, 13GB in the NL Central)
As for the Astros… there’s always next year. Maybe a nice run in the AL Central or AL West will do you good? No, probably not. Cheer up, Houston – football season is a mere 4 months away. Probably.