Rockies Woman Has Arrived


Hey Rockies fans!

I’m very pleased to be joining the staff of RoxPile. I hope you’ll find my work up to snuff, and if you do not, be sure to let me know so I can make it better!

The Colorado Rockies entered my consciousness at the tender age of 10, when they came to Denver to spread the joy of baseball throughout the time zone without a team. I was in the fourth grade at Northridge Elementary in Highlands Ranch, and not much of a sports fan. Both my parents grew up in Colorado when there was no team, so we didn’t have one we cheered for as a family.

It took a bit of time, but I became very intrigued with the sport of baseball and with the Rockies in particular. I wish I could remember more about the dawning moments, because they were obviously some of my most formative ones! I do remember going to games at Mile High Stadium with my dad, and him teaching me how to keep score. I have a deep appreciation for structure and order, and I think I was somewhat in awe of the efficiency with which baseball is played. I’m also completely unathletic myself, and baseball, I believe, is the one sport it’s possible to truly understand without playing yourself. A controversial point of view, perhaps, but I was a diehard college football fan for four years at the University of Georgia, and 90% of the time I had no idea what was going on.

I have journal entries from middle school in which I chronicled experiences with Rockies games; perhaps I’ll post one or two at some point to take you all for a jog down memory lane. Alas, the entries stop when my family moved to Atlanta right before I started high school. When I found out we were moving, I responded the only way a true baseball fan can, and silently put a curse on the Braves. This was the year after they won the World Series, but they haven’t won one since 🙂

Living in New York means mostly being cut off from my Rockies fan community. When they were playing late into the night in Denver and Phoenix during the 2007 play-off run, I was the only one awake in my apartment, watching TV with the lights off and stuffing pillows in my face to keep from screaming out loud. You won’t find many Rockies fans on the east coast, and in fact I have at times had to convince people that there is such a team as the Rockies. This season I decided I was tired of feeling isolated, and turned my Twitter radar toward connecting with the Purple and Black Battalion. You can follow me for lots of in-game tweeting, including play-by-play about once a series. My personal blog, on which you can reliably find a recap after every single game, is called Rockies Woman. My primary goal is always to articulate the experience of being a fan. I know how you feel watching every high and low of this team we love, and I want to give voice to those feelings. That said, please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts whenever I miss something.

Looking forward to interacting with you, Rockies fans!