A New Era is Upon Us


I know it’s been kinda quiet around these parts for the past several days and for that, the Fansided Family apologizes. Logan Burdine, who almost single-handedly built this site up from nothing, has departed our network for another opportunity and of course we wish him nothing but the best going forward.

In the wake of Logan’s departure, we have hired a new lead writer and this site should be back up and running strong within the week. But that’s not all, oh no, that is not all.

Our goal with all of our sites is to bring the best possible coverage to you, the fans. Part of doing that is making sure that no news item goes un-talked about and that you have a near constant stream of fresh and outstanding content. We are confident that with our new lead writer, we will be able to build upon the success that Logan had while he was here and we are also looking to expand our roster and add a handful of fresh voices to talk about all things Rockies.

We want passionate fans with an outstanding ability to express themselves through writing. I order to become the best Rockies site out there, we must have the best of the best in terms of writing staff. If you have interest in pursuing a spot on our staff, please follow this link and fill out our application. Make sure you list Rox Pile as your desired site and I will be in contact with you to discuss the possibility of adding you to our staff.

Whether you have years of online writing experience or are brand new to the blogging world, if your writing is good enough, if your passion is strong enough, if you can bring an area of expertise, you will be given an opportunity to have your voice heard.

Again, if you are interested or know of someone who might be, please follow this link and fill out our application.