Morning Dump — Damn you, Mitch Kramer!

By Editorial Staff

Admittedly, this post is not timely. I wanted some time to digest last night’s loss. It was as ugly as they come. However, this game is being made into something bigger than reality. Yesterday I called this the biggest April series ever played by the division rivals. The key word in that phrase was April. This is a big early season series, but it will be long forgotten come September.

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The panic this morning is evident. Fans and beat writers are freaking out over Lincecum’s dominance and Esmil’s poor showing. I couldn’t make it past the second paragraph of Woody’s piece for the Post — he can be such an idiot some times. My message to those in a state of panic: just take it easy, man.

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Lincecum was filthy last night. He had total command of all his pitches. The Rockies are always going to have a tough time against Tim, but, when he is sharp like he was last night, he is almost unbeatable.

There are no excuses. For one cold Denver night, the Giants and their pint-sized ace were just better.

The beauty of baseball is that they get back after it tonight. The Rox have a decent pitcher of their own on the bump, and, with a win, they will still be in line to take the series. So let’s all calm down. I’m confident that this team won’t let a good start by Tiny Tim rattle their cages.

Today I’m introducing something new to the Dump — Win Probability Graphs. This is pretty self explanatory. Each play influences the outcome of a game. Some plays, like Pat Burrell’s homerun off Esmil Rogers, dramatically increase their team’s chances of winning. As you can see from the graph, the Rockies were never really in the game. Of course, if you watched, you already knew that.

The Rockies are considering a scenario where Ian Stewart goes to AAA for some at-bats. That is probably the best move. Ian isn’t getting to play and he can’t get his timing down while sitting on the bench.

Irv Moss wrote a great piece on the Howsam’s and their profound influence on baseball in Denver.

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