Morning Dump — Esmil Rogers for Cy Young Edition


We are just five games into the season, but it’s hard not to get over excited about the Rockies. Yesterday, after their fifth starter totally dominated the Bucs, I found myself wondering if they could win 100 this year. After all, they appear to have no weakness. They hit well, pitch well, and play better defense than anyone else in baseball. However, I had to force myself to come back to reality. A lot has to happen before a team can win 100. I think I’ll put that question on the shelf until at least May.

Coming into yesterday’s start, Esmil Rogers had more than his fair share of skeptics — myself included. He gave up hits to the first two batters of the game and then didn’t surrender another one until the eighth inning, retiring 22 of 23 at one point. For several reasons, it was one of the most exciting starts by a Rockies’ pitcher in the last couple of years. Rogers is a fifth starter, but his potential is through the roof. If he continues to throw like yesterday, he will be on his way to a very successful career. His stuff is terrific, but, like most pitchers, his success his predicated on his control. Yesterday, he was pinpoint.

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The Rox ability to play defense is remarkable. Every game this year has been full of highlight reel plays, helping the Rockies pitchers get off to a terrific start. This will be a theme all year long.

Greg Reynolds will get the start tomorrow and he is hoping to make the best of the opportunity. It’s hard to believe that this guy was drafted ahead of Tim Lincecum. Unfortunately, that decision was based 100% on the two players’ physiques. Reynolds is a giant and Tim is, well, tiny.

One of the few Rockies that isn’t playing well is Ian Stewart. Stewart’s missed time during spring training has caused him to play catch up. Fortunately, the Rox have two other guys that can adequately hold down the hot corner until Stewart gets going — assuming that happens.

The Mighty Red Sox are a measly 0-6. This is why I love baseball. What’s on paper doesn’t mean a thing.

SI’s first MLB Power Rankings of the season has the Rockies at six. That’s fine, but our sights are set on number one.

How about we start the day off with Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes? What? Who’s that performing with them? Why that’s the late, great Teddy Pendergrass.

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