Morning Dump — Tuesday, April 5th


Sunday’s snow out royally sucked. These last two days have felt like an eternity. Giving us two games and then taking two days off was like giving a peanut to a starving man. However, at 6:40 tonight, we can all eat again. Bring on the Dodgers!

Carlos Gonzalez has a ridiculous set of tools, but can he be a 40-40 guy? Absolutely, but he’ll have to stay healthy and catch some breaks. For CarGo, the most difficult aspect may be getting to 40 homeruns. It’s not a lack of power — he hits the ball harder than anyone else on the team. It’s that he is such a line drive hitter, he may not elevate 40 balls out of the park this year. Plus, we don’t want him getting all homer happy. Still, if any current player can do it, it’s CarGo.

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One of the most disappointing aspects about Sunday’s snow out is that it delayed Jhoulys Chacin’s first start. Apparently, he was as miffed as the fans were. Hopefully these last two days won’t throw off his rhythm.

ESPN has their first MLB Power Rankings of the season. They didn’t bother to update themselves on Ubaldo.

Jose Lopez came to Denver with the nickname El Chome. According to Troy Renck that is Spanish for The Dude. That’s right, the Rockies have a player nicknamed the Dude. Honestly, I always thought that Todd Helton was the team’s version of The Dude, but I suppose having a Venezuelan Dude will work.

I think we should take the tag and run with it. Soon Denver will have a charity organization called The Lil’ Lopez Urban Achievers. Sam Elliot will introduce him every game with a long ramble. Lopez will start doing post game interviews in a bath robe and jellies. His walk up music will be some Creedence. And, of course, Tim Lincecum is The Jesus.

Jose Lopez: F-ing Lincecum, that creep can roll.

Todd Helton: Eight year-olds, dude.

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