Morning Dump — Sunday, April 3rd


The Rockies should consider hiring a full-time manicurists. If they don’t, the bullpen will be worn out by June. Cut cuticles and little finger nail blood blisters are messing with my chi. Ubaldo’s cut is obviously a substantial nuisance, knocking 8 MPH off his fastball and rendering his curveball useless. It sounds like he will skip a turn in the rotation. Hopefully, he will get it right.

Before leaving last night’s game in the sixth inning with a blood blister on his middle finger, Jorge De La Rosa was electric. His fastball was in the mid-nineties and he was spotting it on the black. His change-up was downright filthy. He’s never been one to go deep into games, but last night he could’ve gone at least seven. However, that damn blood blister screwed up everything. Reportedly, De La Rosa’s little pest won’t prevent him from making his next start.

I know I touched on this yesterday, but I’m loving the new look Chris Iannetta. The Bull Hurley version is scorching line drives to all fields, handling the staff, and running bases like Dexter Fowler. Well, maybe not that last one. Regardless, Iannetta’s performance in these first two games has done a lot to assuage my worries over the Rox commitment to him. Hopefully he can keep it up.

In 2007, the Rockies made the World Series because of their defense. A good D neutralizes the offensive advantages of Coors Field. This year’s team is probably even better than the 2007 model. They are upgraded at almost every position. The only exception being second base, but even Jose Lopez has looked tremendous so far with the leather.

Last night the D was on full display. CarGo and Seth Smith each had an outstanding catch to keep the D-backs in check. Tulo’s play up the middle that could’ve passed for a scene from Black Swan. Ian Stewart made a Brooks Robinson-esque stop to his right and threw the runner out flat footed from foul territory. And those are just the plays that I remember off the top of my head. Perhaps it’s a bit premature to be making any definitive claims about the 2011 season, but the Rockies might be the best defensive team in baseball. They have no holes.

This afternoon is the rubber match between the Diamondbacks and the Rockies. The Rox need to take this one. The pressure is on them. The goal is to win every series, but home series are even more important — especially against their lowly division rival. Last year the Rox were 9-9 against the D-backs, a team that finished 27.5 games out first. Jhoulys gets the start. I’m fired up to get our first look of the year at The Machine.

Today’s Youtube clip incorporates a little manicure humor.

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