Morning Dump — Thursday, March 31st

By Editorial Staff

The Rockies were in Tulsa last night to take on their Double A affiliate, the Drillers. Most didn’t see the game, including myself, but that’s probably a good thing. Drillers’ starter, Christian Friedrich, threw six no hit innings, while Rockies’ starter, Esmil Rogers, gave up three home runs. The Rox didn’t get their first hit until the ninth inning. Let’s just hope they were already checked out of spring training and this is not a sign that their road woes will continue in 2011. Esmil, three home runs?! Seriously? All I know is that Friday can’t come soon enough.

The Denver Post has a pretty cool fan mail session with Bob Costas. Message to the Post: More Costas, less Paige.

Speaking of Woodrow, he has the Rockies at 93 wins this year. This is kind of like a four year old predicting the Rockies will win 93, but we all hope he is right anyway. Perhaps he’ll go scream about it on that one show where all the sports writers scream at each other.

Jim Armstrong writes about how much the new spring training facility helped Todd Helton. This story has now been written at least ten different times over the course of the spring.

ESPN’s Howard Bryant wrote a very solid piece on the magic that is Opening Day.

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Also from ESPN is this piece on Pablo Sandoval. I liked him better fat.

The next dump we take together will be a regular season dump. I leave you with that thought and this Super Dave clip.

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