Rox Pile’s Interview with Corey Dickerson — Part II


Last month, I wrote that Corey Dickerson was probably the most underrated prospect in the Rockies’ system. After meeting Dickerson and watching him put in work last
week, I am convinced that he is more underrated than I originally thought. He has a strong desire to improve and a work ethic that is off the charts.

I’m not saying that he is a guarantee. If I had that kind of foresight, I would be in someone’s front office. I am saying that he has everything it takes to become a Major Leaguer. Obviously, Corey is a talented player. Even in the Pioneer League, .350 is very impressive. But, it’s more than that. You can see the determination in everything he does. He’s polite, down to earth, but intense.

His attitude toward the game reminds me of Tulo’s. Dickerson doesn’t have interest in outside distractions. He’s a baseball nerd, so to speak. All he wants is to play ball every day. He’s very much aware of the opportunity with which he has been presented and he doesn’t take it for granted. His attitude is refreshing.

As you’ll see in this interview, Dickerson exudes confidence, but don’t mistake that for arrogance. He’s not an entitled guy. He seems to understand that he still has much to prove and he doesn’t want for anything that he hasn’t earned. I was really impressed. Here is Part II of the interview:

Part I

LB: When did it first occur to you that you had an opportunity to play professional baseball?

Dickerson: When I was in high school I could throw really hard and I tore my labrum. So I started focusing on my hitting. I started hitting a lot of home runs and everything. A few scouts came to see me and I got invited to a few work-outs. That’s when it came real to me that I had a chance. That’s what made me work harder at school too.

LB: I’d imagine that playing in the Big Leagues is something you think about every day. How do you stay present and focus on the task at hand?

Dickerson: I think about it every day. I just can’t wait to get my chance and prove myself. I know it’s a tough road, a long road, but I just have to go at it a day at a time.

LB: How do you deal with the pressure?

Dickerson: It’s really not pressure to me. It’s fun. When someone thinks I can’t hit somebody, it’s just a challenge to me and I don’t feel pressure. It’s more or less fun and blessed to be in the situation that I am.

LB: You’ll likely to be a lot closer to home this year in Asheville. Not that Asheville is particularly close, but it’s certainly much closer than Casper, Wyoming. Is your family planning to take advantage of that this year and how much did they come see you last year?

Dickerson: They came out one week and I think they’ll come out a few more times if I go to Asheville. It’s more southern, more my style down there. It’s more home to me than Wyoming was. It’s a lot different. They’ll definitely come see me a lot more.

LB: I was reading that you are an outdoorsman, true?

Dickerson: I use to be when I was younger, but not too much now. My life is pretty much consumed with baseball. I don’t really have time for it now.

LB: Favorite baseball player as a kid?

Dickerson: Probably Pete Rose because I try to play that hard.

LB: Favorite Team as a kid?

Dickerson: Boston when I was young

LB: Major League player you most admire?

Dickerson: Carlos Gonzalez

LB: If you ever get Tulo money, excuse me, when you get Tulo money, what’s the first thing you’re going to buy?

Dickerson: Probably either a house for my family or I’ll help any family members that need help.

LB: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Dickerson: Leave it up to God. If you worry about things, then what’s the purpose of a savior?

LB: Best game you’ve played?

Dickerson: Probably when I hit my walk-off home run last year in Casper. That was the first time I’ve ever done that.

LB: I bet that was really, really cool.

Dickerson: It meant a lot.

LB: Which coach has had the most influence on your career?

Dickerson: My basketball coach actually, in high school, Dale Watts.

LB: Worst injury you’ve ever had?

Dickerson: I tore my labrum at a camp at Mississippi State my junior year in high school.

LB: how did you do that?

Dickerson: it was basketball season and I hadn’t thrown in a while and it was raining outside. They made us go inside and throw and they were timing us. I was throwing across the diamond and I hurt it.

LB: What’s your favorite part about baseball?

Dickerson: Just being able to compete every day, compete against somebody.

LB: Are you superstitious?

Dickerson: I go through the same routines every day. I have routines, but superstitious? No. But, I do have routines.

LB: Do you prefer left, center or right?

Dickerson: Left or center.

LB: What’s your favorite movie?

Dickerson: Um…..not sure.
(Corey is kind of a focused guy)

LB: What can we expect from Corey Dickerson this season?

Dickerson: Hopefully I will exceed my numbers from last year. I’m not really putting a number on it though.

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