Morning Dump — Sunday, March 20th

By Editorial Staff

The Rox were once a non-factor in Latin America. Obviously, that has changed. Their system is loaded with prospects hailing from countries that lie south of the United States. In today’s baseball climate, teams that lack a presence in the Dominican and Venezuela have no chance. Over the past decade, the Rox have built a solid operation in Venezuela. Currently, they are working on an academy in the DR. However, they can do more. Ultimately, the checkbook carries the most weight. If they want to get even better at cultivating Latin America, they must spend more money.

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Troy Renck really likes the Rox defense. Renck is right when he says that there are some things that stats won’t pick up.

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Jim Tracy hasn’t officially named Esmil Rogers as the fifth starter, but assuming today’s start goes well, that decision will come very soon.

Jason Giambi is a loveable guy. In this article he gives a perfect description of the feeling one gets when they hit a home run.

"It’s the purest form of perfection that you can reach in this game. It’s like a warm butter knife through butter. It’s just smooth, easy and it comes off your bat. When you’re rounding the bases, there’s that sense, that moment in time when you’ve done something perfect. — Jason Giambi"

The Giants’ Tim Lincecum can’t gain weight. He has been eating 3100 calorie meals all off-season and only weighs 168 lbs.

Make sure to check back later today for the second part of Rox Pile’s interview with Corey Dickerson.

In honor of Carlos Gonzalez, the rest of the Rockies’ Venezuelan contigent, and my beloved Venezuelan softball teammates, I leave you today to the sounds of Los Amigos Invisibles.

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