Morning Dump — Wednesday, March 16th


Esmil Rogers finally stepped up yesterday. He threw five scoreless innings, allowing just one hit. He is now the clear favorite to become the team’s fifth starter. This is a very good thing for the Rockies. Rogers is the candidate with the highest ceiling. He’s also just 25.

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"“He was brilliant. That’s quite a strong statement.” — Jim Tracy"

Speaking of the rotation, Jason Hammel believes that 2011 will be his breakout season.

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"“I’m definitely looking forward to a good year. I’m not going to put numbers on it, but I know I can help this team win. I really think, over my career, I’ve taken the necessary steps and started to grow mentally, which is the place I always felt I needed to reach to get better.” — Jason Hammel"

It’s important for the Rockies to be good defenders. Obviously, Coors Field is tough on pitchers and defense is the best way to neutralize Denver’s high altitude and thin air. It’s no coincidence that the Rox led the league in fielding during their playoff runs in 2007 and 2009. They should be good again this year, but second base is somewhat of a question mark.

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"“You can’t give them any extra outs and you must minimize errors. The great plays are great. But you need to make the routine plays. Those are the ones that win the ballgames.” — Todd Helton"

Ian Stewart will make his way back into the lineup tonight. Jim Tracy is throwing him into the fire. On the mound for the Rangers tonight will be CJ Wilson, a left-hander that is tough on lefty hitters.

Everything is just rosy in the Giants’ camp. Everyone loves each other. Everyone is hilarious. Somehow, it all comes back to Barry Bonds.

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Japanese players are struggling with the devastation back home.

The Diamondbacks lost one of their Dominican prospects over a false name. This is crazy stuff.

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