Morning Dump — Wednesday, March 9th


Yesterday, Felipe Paulino started a split squad game against the White Sox. He was the favorite to win the fifth spot in the rotation, but it sounds like he lost some footing yesterday. After the game, Jim Tracy announced that the competition remains wide open. The good news is that Jorge De La Rosa looked fantastic in his outing.

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"“It’s open season. I am looking for someone to make a consistent statement. No one has done that.” — Jim Tracy"

So far this spring, my favorite player has been Seth Smith. Smith came into camp with an edge and it’s showing. He is hitting left-handers for the first time in his career. If he keeps this up, the team will have no problem with the five hole.

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"“To me, I’m the best player on the field. That’s the way I feel. Maybe in the past I got a little bit caught up in, ‘Hey, I’m playing with a lot of really good players right now.’ As of now, I’m going forward with the attitude that, when I step on the field, I’m the best player out there.” — Seth Smith"

Mike Newman at Scouting the Sally gave us some great late season video of prospect, Nolan Arenado. I love this kid’s swing.

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Matt Daley wants to harness his inner 2009.

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"“Matt Daley made a [heck] of a contribution to the club in 2009 to help it win the 92 games that it won. He knows how to pitch, he’s a great competitor, and he pitches the rectangle as well as anybody in that clubhouse. He knows when to raise the ball up; he knows when to lower the ball, and he’s very, very good at doing it.” — Jim Tracy"

Bleacher Report ran their Rockies’ season preview.

The Diamondbacks think Don Baylor will fix their hitting woes. Hmmmmm….

Zach Greinke is a smart guy. Honestly, he seems like a head case. I’m looking forward to his reaction after he gives up a 450ft bomb to Pujols.

Tom Verducci wrote a really interesting piece about Strasburg’s mechanics. This is well worth the read.

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