Morning Dump — Sunday, March 6th


I’ve been more impressed with Seth Smith than any other player in Spring Training. I love the things he is saying. He is determined to become a regular player this year and is showing it on the field. He’s been taking terrific at-bats all spring, particularly against lefties. Let’s hope it carries over into the season.

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"Smith believes last year’s failure — he asked for more playing time then promptly tanked when he got it — will make him better. Last year Smith became pull-happy, a mental approach that made no sense, given his swing. If he sticks to using the entire field, Smith should bat .290 with 55 extra-base hits. — Renck"

Ty Wigginton has made a quite an impression on his new team.

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"“That was the main reason I signed here, was to play meaningful games late in the season and to get to play into October. I’ve got very high expectations. So far this spring, everything about being in Colorado has exceeded my expectations. I’m enjoying every single day out there.” — Wiggy"

Jim Tracy just wants everyone to do their job — nothing more. It’s a great message. Every player just needs to do their 1/9th and trust that their teammates will do the same.

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"“One of the messages I’ve sent to these guys is, I’m not going to ask you to do something that I don’t think you’re capable of doing.” — Jim Tracy"

Inside the Rockies recapped the first week of spring and continued their love affair with Hector Gomez. Obviously, I haven’t seen all of Hector’s errors this spring, but the throwing errors in the first game where not the product of difficult plays. Foster is right about Pacheco and Blackmon though.

Jason Giambi has been looking really good.

The Rox are willing to sacrifice a little bit of D for the benefit of their road offense.

Modesto was awarded the Class A All-Star game. Hopefully that roster will include the names Matzek, Arenado, and Bettis.

The Phillies have to be the NL favorite this year, but they have their weaknesses just like every other team.

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