Morning Dump — Wednesday, March 2nd


Aaron Cook still hasn’t made it to the mound this spring and it sounds like he is no closer now than he was a week ago. Obviously, I have no idea what’s wrong with his shoulder, but Cook hasn’t responded to treatment. His soreness has limited him to stretching and light throwing. Meanwhile, Esmil Rogers and Felipe Paulino are healthy and throwing gas. While they won’t admit it in public, the Rockies are moving on without Cook. If he doesn’t get healthy very soon, his spot in the rotation will be gone.

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"There was no pain or anything in the winter leading up to this. It’s probably just from throwing 2 billion pitches in my life. I know that sounds sarcastic, but you just never know sometimes why this happens. — Aaron Cook"

Speaking of Felipe Paulino, the guy has absolutely filthy stuff, but has yet to harness his potential. We all love Cookie, but his injury might open the door for someone better.

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"I remember going back to the dugout and saying to everybody, ‘How does anybody ever hit this guy?’ — Chris Iannetta on facing Felipe Paulino last season"

Call to the Pen rated the Rockies’ system and I had to get on Nathaniel for leaving Charlie Blackmon off the list. Otherwise, he did a solid job — definitely worth the read.

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The Rox are hoping Spilly can play some center this year. I understand Tracy’s desire to keep CarGo in one spot this year, but, if Fowler is out of a road game, doesn’t it make sense to play Gonzalez in center? Why waste his defensive skill in left?

The Rockies are 3-0 to start out the Cactus League. What does it mean? World Series!

Juan Nicasio is bringing the heat.

Is it bad that I’m already tired of spring training? This team has so much potential and I’m ready to see some games that count.

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