Morning Dump — Friday, February 25th


Which Franklin Morales will show up this season? He could be the devastating lefty that has pitched so well at times or he could be Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn — before he had his eyes checked. By the way, I think that was my second Charlie Sheen reference this week. Troy Renck has a good article on the promising, but frustrating Morales.

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"Morales has impressed teammates with his maturity and focus this spring. He understands what’s at stake. He could turn the Rockies’ bullpen from intriguing to devastating. — Troy Renck"

Thomas Harding sat down with Jason Hammel to discuss the pitcher’s struggles with high cholesterol. He was diagnosed with the condition last year and he believes the meds he was taking messed up his season. Hammel will be on a short-leash this season; the team loves the potential of Felipe Paulino.

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"This spring, Hammel is shortening his arm action, pulling the ball out of his glove and moving it to throwing position quicker, in hopes of gaining consistency in the strike zone so he can throw fewer pitches and reduce fatigue. But he also wants to be confident his medication isn’t working against him. — Thomas Harding"

Yesterday, Ken Rosenthal speculated about a possible Cardinals and Rockies trade. The Rox have a bunch of starting pitchers and infielders and the Cards need a lot of help.

Todd Helton is throwing caution to the wind.

Tim Wheeler hopes to benefit from Tulo’s guidance. Make sure to scroll down to the comments section and note the correction Rox Pile made for Jim Armstrong.

The Giambino believes he is prepared for his role this season.

Ubaldo is pimping New Balances.

Finally, FanGraphs ran a really great article on tobacco use in MLB. They sat down with former Dodger, Brett Butler. Butler’s tobacco use gave him cancer, but he is against a tobacco ban in MLB. Butler is right. These are grown men that are more than capable of making their own decisions. Tobacco use is just like any unhealthy lifestyle. It is a choice.

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