Morning Dump — Sunday, February 20th

By Editorial Staff

"“I’ve never burned more than I do now to be an everyday player. It’s time for me to step up. It’s time for the opportunity. It’s all there. It’s just whether I’m going to take it or not. Right now, first day of Spring Training, I’m going to take it. I’m ready to go.” — Seth Smith"

Thank you, Seth Smith, for setting the tone of today’s Dump. The Rockies are a focused baseball team. During a time when most players speak in clichés, the quotes coming out of Talking Stick resonate with a theme of hunger. The entire team seems pissed off about last year and determined to make 2011 special.

The above quote was pulled from Thomas Harding’s piece on Seth Smith. It’s hardly news that Smith has struggled to hit big league lefties, but he thinks this year will be different. I like his attitude; hopefully, he’s right.

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The Post also ran a story about Smith.

Last year, Ubaldo was Bob Gibson in the first-half of the season, but merely average in the second-half. Renck tells how Jimenez plans to fix his second-half struggles.

The Rockies are betting heavily on Seth Smith, Ian Stewart, and Chris Iannetta.

Armstrong gives us a little more on the Belle-Isle extension.

Enjoy your Sunday. Today, I’m going to park my neighbor’s smart car in front of an eight-foot basketball goal and put on a show.

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