FanSided Division Bloggers Play Nice


I’ve been forced to consort with the enemy, but at least it’s still the off-season. The writers of Fansided’s NL West blogs are joining up to select an All-NL West squad. RoxPile, Chicken Friars, Lasorda’s Lair, Venom Strikes, and Frisco Fastball will release our final results for position players on February 7th. I tried to remain objective, but it was tough. The World Series left a bitter taste in my mouth. And yes, I do realize that makes me a sore loser. I suspect that there are many that share my sentiments.

Tulo and CarGo are obvious selections, but it was tough to find spots for the other Rockie position players. Without revealing too much, I did argue for one other Rockie. Three out of eight is a pretty strong showing. Especially since the West is a five team division.

If the five sites can’t come to an agreement over any particular spot, we will let the readers decide in a poll. If that happens, I will make sure to give an update. Also, feel free to make a case below for any Rockies that you feel are deserving. As always, input is much appreciated.

The starting pitchers will be released later in the month.

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