Denver Post Writers get excited about the Rockies

By Editorial Staff

It is a mere two weeks until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. The growing buzz about the Rockies is palpable. 2011 is one of the most highly anticipated Rockies’ seasons in the history of the franchise. Expectations are high and hope abounds. The writers over at the Post are obviously excited. They’ve written several noteworthy articles about the Rox over the past couple of days.

Troy Renck was particularly perspicacious. Even though Troy always gives me a Marshawn Lynch style stiff-arm on Twitter, I must admit that I like his writing. Some beat-writers constantly look for a negative spin, but Renck covers the Rockies objectively. The players seem to like Renck and are happy to give him access. We all benefit from that. Over the last week, he has written three columns about three of the team’s biggest question marks.

The first was a piece on the work Todd Helton has put in this off-season. It’s no secret that the Todd-Father has suffered from back problems for several years now. In the past, he has taken a ginger off-season approach with his back. He was much more aggressive this year. Next, Renck wrote about Ian Stewart and how he plans to bounce back from his struggles of 2010. And finally, Troy interviewed Seth Smith. Like Stewart, Smith is looking to have a break-out season after performing poorly last year.

Dave Krieger also commented on the upcoming season. Apparently, Krieger has been taking advantage of Charlie Monfort for years. Just read it. It’s great that Krieger has that kind of access to Monfort and it was very interesting to hear Charlie’s thoughts on the Rockies.

Finally, Woody Paige chimed in with a column that was typical Woody. At this point, I’m wondering if Paige is senile. He throws out ridiculous opinions and rarely provides us with anything worthwhile. Today’s article was mostly a bunch of questions that every Rockies fan has been asking for months. Of course, I’m jealous because I’d like to have Woody’s job.

One common theme in these articles is worry about the Giants. That’s justified; after all, the Giants are the defending World Champions. I may be alone in this, but I’m not that concerned about San Francisco. Their pitching staff is scary, but threw a ton of innings last season. Plus, I think they will struggle offensively this year. What are the chances of Aubrey Huff and Cody Ross replicating what they did in 2010? Either way, screw ’em. Stupid Giants. Apparently it’s okay for them to play in a humidor, but we can’t store our baseballs in one.

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