BA and BP Rank the Rockies’ Farm System


Earlier this week, Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus each released Rockies’ Top Ten Prospect Rankings — although technically BP’s is a top 20 with an emphasis on the top 11. The lists are different than the one I will release before the season, but are solid efforts. Honestly, I prefer BP’s list.

Not surprisingly, the most lauded players in the Rockies’ farm system, Tyler Matzek, Wilin Rosario and Nolan Arenado, topped both lists. These rankings display the quality of the Rockies’ 2009 and 2010 drafts. Each list features six players that were drafted in the last two years.

To me, the most glaring omission is Baseball America’s exclusion of Charlie Blackmon. Tracy Ringolsby, author of the BA rankings, mentioned that Blackmon could make an impact in the majors soon, but didn’t deem him worthy of a top 10 classification. BP ranked Charlie seventh. Jared Clark is another player that deserves more credit. Neither list even mentioned Clark, the Rockies’ most promising power prospect. He continues to fly under the radar of almost everyone.

It’s noteworthy that unproven prospects, Kyle Parker and Peter Tago, were ranked so high. Parker, the Rockies’ 2010 first-round pick, just wrapped up a mediocre season as the quarterback at Clemson and is now focusing strictly on his baseball career. These rankings serve as evidence of the lofty expectations that have been placed on Parker. In college he was a terrific five-tool athlete and it will be very exciting to see how he does in his first minor league season. The same can be said for Peter Tago. Tago was a 2010 supplemental round pick, but signed late. He has yet to face a minor league hitter, but is already thought to be one of the Rockies’ best prospects.

Ringolsby’s classification of Arenado as a poor athlete is the most annoying aspect of the lists. Tracy seems to equate athleticism with foot speed; he knocked Nolan for his inability to run fast. However, Ringolsby ranks Arenado as the organization’s best hitter and best infield arm. How can a bad athlete be the Rockies’ best minor league hitter? Obviously, it would be nice if Nolan were faster, but, as long as he keeps ripping line drives, who cares?

Anyway, here are the two lists, for what they are worth. I promise to deliver a more comprehensive set in the coming months. More importantly, mine will be FREE!

Baseball America

1. Tyler Matzek, lhp
2. Wilin Rosario, c
3. Nolan Arenado, 3b
4. Christian Friedrich, lhp
5. Peter Tago, rhp
6. Kyle Parker, of
7. Rex Brothers, lhp
8. Juan Nicasio, rhp
9. Chad Bettis, rhp
10. Hector Gomez, ss

Baseball Prospectus

1. Tyler Matzek, lhp
2. Wilin Rosario, c
3. Nolan Arenado, 3b
4. Christian Friedrich, lhp
5. Kyle Parker, of
6. Peter Tago, rhp
7. Charlie Blackmon, of
8. Rex Brothers, lhp
9. Chad Bettis, rhp
10. Christhian Adames, ss
11. Rafael Ortega, of
12. Will Swanner, c
13. Juan Niscasio, rhp
14. Jordan Pacheco, c
15. Albert Campos, rhp
16. Casey Weathers, lhp
17. Russell Wilson, 2b
18. Hector Gomez, ss
19. Mike McKenry, c
20. Chris Nelson, ss/2b

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