Rockies trying to sign Bengie Molina


If you require a catcher and all else fails, grab a Molina. The Rox must have help at catcher. The team is gambling on Chris Iannetta and an insurance policy is necessary. They would like to leave the Winter Meetings with this need addressed. According to The Post’s Troy Renck — the purveyor of all things Rockies — they are in pursuit of Bengie Molina.

Since Molina spent most of the last three seasons with division rival San Francisco, the Rockies are well acquainted with him. He has won two Gold Gloves, but he’s not the player he once was. His skills behind the plate have declined due to his age and weight. He will be 36 next season and he has the same physique as Dinger. However, Bengie remains adept at handling a pitching staff. He is a veteran with two championship rings — well, one and half really — and a steady presence for young players. His former teams praise Molina as an intelligent game manager that excels at calling pitches. As a backup, Molina would essentially be another coach. Chris Iannetta, in particular, would learn much from a player like Molina.

Looking to add a little girth to the roster

Bengie is an average hitter. He doesn’t strike out, doesn’t walk and has a little bit of power. Opposing teams don’t have to worry about Molina, but they can’t ignore him either. Bengie on the base-paths is high comedy. He is easily the slowest player in baseball — Dinger is probably faster — and he jiggles like Jello. He is excellent fodder for an FSRM 2011 Rockies commercial. However, the Rox aren’t interested in Bengie’s base stealing — three for his career. They need a solid backup that can carry a heavy load in an emergency. As a cheap but experienced and durable veteran Molina fits the bill.

The Rox are betting that Iannetta can regain his 2008 form – eighteen homeruns and a .390 OBP – but Chris has never caught more than one-hundred games in a season. Colorado’s farm system is full of catching talent, but evidently none of their young signal callers are ready for the Bigs and a veteran will have to fill the void in the meantime. Expect the Rockies to move quickly on a backup catcher. Ronnie Paulino is another possibility; he once played for Jim Tracy in Pittsburgh.

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