Analyzing the De La Rosa Deal

By Editorial Staff

Bravo to the Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa for getting this deal done at the right price. It has been my contention that the Rockies should not exceed three years, thirty million on the left-handed pitcher and they agreed to exactly that. Jorge has a player option for the third year of the contract and the Rockies have a team option if they want him for a fourth.

The best case scenario is for De La Rosa to pitch so well that he forgoes his third year in the contract and becomes a free agent again after two seasons. That is not an unreasonable expectation. Unfortunately, if De La Rosa is a disaster the next two seasons, the Rockies will be stuck with him for a third. He is also now the Rockies highest paid pitcher, making nearly $8 million more than staff ace Ubaldo Jiminez. Still, the deal had to be done. The Rockies have a window of opportunity and that can’t be taken for granted.

Clearly, Jorge valued his comfort level in Colorado; he could have gotten more money out of desperate teams like the Pirates or the Nationals. His willingness to take less money in order to stay in Denver and continue working with Pitching Coach Bob Apodaca should go over well with the fans.

With Georgie, the 2011 starting rotation appears set. Jiminez, Jhoulys Chacin, and Jason Hammels are all slotted for spots, and Aaron Cook will likely be the fifth starter. Later today we will delve into the big Jose Lopez trade from last night.