All-Time Rockies Commercials — Part I


Unfortunately, it is the off-season for baseball and there is only so much I can say about free agency, arbitration and the Hall of Fame. Hopefully, something crazy will happen soon — e.g. A-Rod cheating on his wife with a geriatric Madonna or Yankees’ pitchers Fitz Peterson and Mike Kekich deciding to trade wives and children. But until something like that does happen, we must find other ways to entertain ourselves.

Fox Sports Rocky Mountain does an excellent job covering the Rockies. They have a solid team that doesn’t drive us nuts — very unusual for today’s baseball broadcasters. For the last four years, FSRM has provided us with many hilarious and entertaining Rockies commercials. There have been a ton of these commercials and it’s time that the RoxPile give some recognition to the best. We are holding a vote for the Top Rockies Commercial of all-time. Today, I will unveil the first five contestants and tomorrow the next five. After all ten have been posted, the readers will decide which commercial is best. Enjoy!

Wedding Mound Visit – 2009

Twitter – 2010

Staring Contest -2009

Spilly’s Seed Lessons — 2008

Humidor — 2007

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