Can Carlos Gonzalez Win the Triple Crown?

By Editorial Staff
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Since the All Star Break, Carlos Gonzalez has emerged as one of the most dangerous hitters in the NL.  CarGo has been largely responsible for keeping the Rockies relevant in the playoff discussion.

Currently, Gonzalez has a .340 batting average, and has a significant lead over Joey Votto’s .321 mark.  CarGo hits lefties and righties well, posting averages of .321 and .351, respectively.  Additionally, CarGo hits better at home than on the road, with a .394 average at home compared to a .288 mark on the road.  The Rox play 14 of their remaining 24 games at Coors Field.  The Rockies face the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals on the road.  Gonzalez has hit .378, .444, and .533 against these teams this season, respectively.  Additionally, he has hit .387 since the All Star Break, compared to .314 before the break.  Barring an extended slump, CarGo’s lead in the race for the batting title seems safe.  I’ll give CarGo a 95% chance of winning the batting title.