Series Preview – Brewers

By Editorial Staff

Thankfully, the Rox were able to salvage 1 game at Citi Field against the Mets.  Melvin Mora’s 8th inning grand slam led the Rockies to a 6-2 win on Wednesday night.  Unfortunately, the Mets’ Johan Santana brought his A game and shut down the Rockies 4-0 in the rubber game.

The Rockies return to the Mile High City to take on the Brewers in a quick 3 game homestand before traveling to LA and Phoenix.  The Beermakers play almost as well away as they do at home:  they have a 28-31 mark at home, compared to 26-31 on the road.

Probable Starters

De La Rosa (4-3, 5.01) vs. Gallardo (11-5, 2.86)

Rogers (2-2, 4.79) vs. Narveson (9-7, 5.62)

TBA vs. Parra (3-9, 5.46)

Three Questions

  1.  Will the Rox continue their success at home?  There’s no reason to think the Rockies can’t take 2 games in this series.  With a tough trip to LA looming, it would be nice for the Rox to win a couple games at home and hit the southwest with some momentum.
  2. Can the Rox get and stay hot for a late season run?  It’s about that time of the year for the Rox, but they must start winning games at some point.  A three game mid-August set against the disappointing Brewers sounds like a good place to start a pennant run.  Ready, go.
  3. Who will win the pitching matchup on Friday night?  On paper, De La Rosa vs. Gallardo doesn’t seem like a great matchup for the Rox, but De La Rosa has been way better at home than on the road.  His home WHIP is 1.306, compared to 1.780 on the road.  Gallardo has been dominant on the road, posting a .211 BAA on the road, compared to .256 at home.  Something has to give here.

Series to Watch

The Padres travel to San Francisco this weekend.  Rox fans should root for the Pads to hold off the Giants.  The Rox need to catch one team at a time in the pennant race, and the Giants are next on the list.