Trade Grades – How did the NL West teams do at the deadline?

By Editorial Staff

The Rox stood pat at the trade deadline, but other NL West squads made some moves.  The grades are for the short term impact on the rest of this season.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Incomplete

Get: Daniel Hudson, David Holmberg, Rafael Rodriguez, Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin

Lost: Edwin Jackson, Dan Haren

The D-Backs unloaded some talent and salary, as this season is a lost cause for the Phoenix faithful.  The prospects could help down the road, but these moves were clearly made with the long term future of the organization in mind.  It will be tough to measure the impact of these trades for a couple of years, so the D-Backs earn an incomplete.  Unloading Haren and Jackson helps the Rox, since they have 9 more games against Arizona this year and won’t have to face these two.

Los Angeles Dodgers – B+

Get: Octavio Dotel, Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot

Lost: James McDonald, Andrew Lambo, Blake DeWitt, Brett Wallach, Kyle Smit

The Dodgers got a couple pieces to help on their pennant run.  This team has underperformed all year, and some new faces be what it takes to get the Dodgers going.  Dotel will be a big boost for a bullpen that has struggled, Lilly is a nice middle of the rotation complement, and Theriot is a nice pickup.  The Dodgers could’ve added another bullpen arm.  These improvements could hurt the Rox, since the two teams will meet 12 more times this year.

San Francisco Giants – D

No Transactions

The Giants missed out on a chance to add another bat to the lineup.  With the Dodgers and Padres upgrading their lineups, the Giants may not be able to keep pace.  The Rockies will see the Giants 8 more times this year, with 5 meetings coming at Coors Field.

San Diego Padres – B-

Get: Miguel Tejada, Ryan Ludwick

Lost: Wynn Pelzer, Nick Greenwood, Corey Kluber

Giving up young pitching is always tough, but the Padres addressed needs by adding a couple bats to the lineup in Tejada and Ludwick.  Ludwick particularly provides the extra power bat in the lineup that the Pads need.  The Padres did well, but could have tried to add a better hitter than Tejada.  The Rox only see the Padres 6 more times this season.

Colorado Rockies – B

No Transactions

Like the Giants, the Rockies didn’t add any new players.  However, in this case I think the Rox made a good call.

The Rox will rely on Tulowitzki, Francis, and De La Rosa, who have all recently returned from injuries, in lieu of adding new players.  This is equivalent to getting an All Star SS and two solid middle of the rotation pitchers without giving up any prospects.

On Tuesday, I though another bullpen arm might be a priority, depending on Huston Street’s health.  Fortunately, Street was fine and the Rox have to feel comfortable with their current bullpen.  Another bat at first or in the outfield may have helped, but the Rox bats are all coming alive lately, and the team should feel comfortable with the offense as is, barring any injuries or extended slumps.