The Morning After – Pirates 6 Rockies 2


The Rox are currently on an 8 game losing skid, and need to string together some W’s soon to stay in the Wild Card race.  The Phillies picking up Roy Oswalt hurts the Rox in the playoff hunt.  Some timely hitting and shutdown pitching would help the Rockies pick up a couple games and stay in the race.


Carlos Gonzalez – CarGo continued his success at Coors Field, going 2-3 and hitting his 18th homer on the season.  CarGo, like many Rockies, has extreme home/road splits.  He has 14 of his 18 home runs at Coors Field, and his OPS is 1.062 at home versus .664 on the road.  The Rox need to find their offense at home, and remember to bring it on their next road trip.


6.2 – The Rockies ‘pen pitched 6.2 innings after Cook’s short outing.  Hopefully Ubaldo can return to his first half form and give the bullpen a rest.  The Rox don’t have an off day until Monday, so a day off for the bullpen before the Cubs come to town would help.


Cook-ed – With the trade deadline looming and Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt already changing teams, it seems highly unlikely that the Rox will make a trade for a big name pitcher.  Aaron Cook had a tough night, giving up 5 runs in 2.1 innings.  In order to climb back into the playoff mix, the Rockies need their starters to become a little more consistent.  Cook, Francis, and De La Rosa are capable of pitching well and all three have had quality starts since the All Star break.  These three need to produce consistently, since outside help probably isn’t on the way.