Rockies Trade Deadline Wish List


This went up on the main page at FanSided along with wish lists from the rest of the NL West bloggers.  If you missed it there, I’ve posted it here.  Be sure to see what the other NL West teams may do before the deadline over at

As the trade deadline approaches, the Rockies could use a couple additions to make a playoff run this fall.  Another starter and a power bat would help the Rox down the stretch, and make this a dangerous team in October.  I don’t expect the Rockies to make any big moves at the deadline; I believe that they’ll rely on Tulowitzki’s return and improved production from the starting rotation to make a run at the postseason.  I’ll address two possible areas for improving the roster and offer my thoughts as to who the Rockies should consider pursuing.

Starting Pitching

While Ubaldo Jiminez is having a Cy Young caliber season and Jason Hammel is pitching well, the rest of the Rox rotation has struggled this year.  Aaron Cook pitched well in his last outing against the Reds, and there is hope that he’ll turn the corner after a disappointing first half.  Jorge De La Rosa and Jeff Francis have not met expectations this year, and both might be candidates to leave the rotation if their production doesn’t improve quickly.  In a perfect world, the Rox would be able to add Roy Oswalt.  Oswalt and Jimenez would give the Rox a 1-2 punch that could lead the team on a deep playoff run.  Oswalt would also be able to provide some veteran leadership and postseason experience.  The Rox could also get Carlos Zambrano for cheap, if they are willing to deal with his contract and baggage.  A change of scenery could be what Big Z needs to get his career back on track.  If he can return to form and avoid any meltdowns, Zambrano could help the Rox make a playoff push.  A trade for Oswalt would likely cost the Rox too many prospects, while Zambrano still has a hefty contract and more issues than National Geographic, so both of these acquisitions are probably wishful thinking.  A middle of the rotation innings eater like Jeremy Guthrie, Brett Myers, or Anibal Sanchez might be more realistic.    

Power Bat

The Rox could also use a power bat, the only problem is finding a position for any new acquisition.  Outfield is a possibility, but first base is more likely.  The Rox haven’t had consistent production out of the first base position all year.  Giambi and Helton are not likely to be able to play every day, Brad Eldred probably isn’t a long term solution, and the Brad Hawpe experiment at first is only one game old.  Ty Wigginton would help in the power department and provide defensive flexibility, as he can play first, second, or third.  Wigginton would be a more useful addition than an outfielder for his defensive abilities.  The Rox could pursue a power hitting outfielder like Adam Dunn, who could also fill in at first.  Other names on the wish list could include Josh Willingham or Cody Ross.  The Rox could also try to swing a blockbuster deal with the Astros for Carlos Lee and Oswalt, or with the Cubs for Zambrano and Derrick Lee.  Neither of these are likely, as the Rockies would have to clean out the farm system to make either deal.