Yo, Welcome, Hello, etc.


Hey Rox fans, I’m Alex and I’ll be taking over as the lead writer for Rox Pile.  I’m a lifelong baseball fan, and used to coach a middle school team (shout out to any former AP players reading!).

Currently I’m a graduate student at the University of Colorado, and I began following the Rockies when I moved here.  I grew up in southern Indiana and wasn’t close enough to a major league team to develop a strong attachment; I watched a lot of baseball but didn’t consistently root for one team.  I’ve lived in St. Petersburg, FL and am now in the Denver area, so I have adopted the Rays and Rockies as my teams.

Outside of baseball, I enjoy Notre Dame football, coaching, reading nonfiction, getting beaten down by grad school, running, good beer, and Chipotle burrito bowls.

This is my first attempt at sports blogging, and I’m excited to get started!  Any comments or feedback is welcome and appreciated, but be nice since my mom will probably read this.  I’ll update this site a minimum of five times per week, so bookmark it and check back frequently.  Thanks for reading!