U-Brass Ball-do Scalps the Braves!

By Editorial Staff

Hours after I called the Rockies’ season ho-hum, Ublado Jimenez makes history for Colorado with a no-hit, six walk shutout of over the Braves, the first no-hitter since 2009 when White Sox ace Mark Buehrle blanked Tampa 5-0 in a perfect game.

This is the first no-hitter in the 18-year history of the Colorado Rockies…and probably not the last.

Jimenez was assisted by Dexter Fowler, who made a stretching catch in the seventh, but otherwise earned this gem on his own merit.

Jimenez helped his cause in the fourth with a single to center, driving in Brad Hawpe for an RBI. Later that inning, Jimenez scored on a Carlos Gonzalez double.

U-Brass Ball-do Jimenez is, obviously, the best pitcher in MLB right now, and I don’t expect him to slow down.

Like the Babe, I’m going to call my shot: Jimenez WILL have another no-hitter this season…