In the middle of a menacing economic crisis, two wars, divisiveness over massive government spending, crime, terrorism etc., comes relief in the form of the greatest sporting day ever: Opening Day in MLB!

The season officially started yesterday for the Yanks and Red Sox, but who really cares? Not me, for one. In fact, having “that” game shoved down my throat last night seemed eerily close to being forced to wear underwear on my head while having bamboo needles jammed under my fingernails… Pure torture! As a baseball fan, however, the game was on and I did glance at the TV on occasion…in between servings of ham, potatoes and, most important, giant cups of vodka.

Last night was for the elite; last night was for the arrogant East Coast-Blue-bloods sitting around their televisions debating which city/team is “the best ever.”

Today is for the rest of us; today is for the working stiffs who fantasize about crowding the plate, waiting to jack a Randy Johnson fastball into the stratosphere.

In a battle of the beers, Colorado visits Miller Park today to play the Milwaukee Brewers. Ubaldo Jimenez is slated to face Yovani Gallardo in what I believe will be an explosion of wood for the Rox.

I really like the Rockies’ chances of  continuing their unbelievable run of 74-42 from last season, after firing Clint Hurdle. Jim Tracy, for my money, is one the best Skippers in MLB, and I think he’ll lead this incredibly talented Colorado team to the postseason again.

It’s a long season…