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Nolan Arenado is finally close to returning

The Colorado Rockies will get their second-most important player back soon. Third baseman Nolan Arenado is preparing to start a rehab assignment to officially start the process of returning to the Colorado Rockies.


This is not a slight to Carlos Gonzalez, the superstar listed after Troy Tulowitzki for the last number of years. It is simply an observation based on how good Arenado was this season and how depressing it has been watching guys like Charlie Culberson and Ryan Wheeler over at third base. You give one guy that much credit at your own risk when it just comes to wins and losses, but it is certainly true that the Rockies would have had better chances to avoid long losing streaks if Arenado had been healthy.

Whether the goal is a return to relevancy or to simply stop the steep slide into humiliation, the Rockies will be much better off when Arenado finally returns from a broken finger. Asked about his status on Thursday, here is what Arenado had to say (courtesy of the Denver Post):

“I’m getting really close to returning,” Arenado said. “I want to be shipped out on this road trip, so hopefully, if (Friday) goes well, then we will be talking about a (minor-league) rehab assignment.”

“I did some fielding and was able to take groundballs,” he said. “I took grounders off (live) bats. And I was catching line drives and stuff, and it felt really good. So I’m getting really close.”

Unfortunately that leaves the Rockies to play the rest of the gauntlet that is their June schedule without Arenado, as they wrap up this series in Milwaukee and then play at the Washington Nationals next week.

But whenever Arenado does return, it means we don’t have to watch so much Charlie Culberson. And trust me, my friends, when I say that is a very good thing.

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