Seeking the bright side after a tough road trip for the Colorado Rockies

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Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This past week was disastrous for the Colorado Rockies.

There is no way around it. There is very little to point to in terms of things that went well. Every area of the team struggled at various turns of a trip through Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Cleveland that ended with a 2-7 record.

That leaves the Rockies with a 12-21 record away from Coors Field so far this season. They have been outscored by a -25 differential in those games. This past weekend, the starting pitchers for the Cleveland Indians combined for 28 strikeouts in three games. In the meantime, the starting pitching for the Rockies was just flat-out bad and the bullpen gagged away multiple tight games in the final innings.

Colorado’s record for the season stands at 28-28. There is certainly cause for pause as we consider the prospects for a team that had our hopes up just recently. Thanks in part to the ridiculous play of the San Francisco Giants, the Rockies now find themselves 8.5 games out of first place. Things will only get more difficult in the NL West when the Los Angeles Dodgers heat up (and yes, I typed “when” and not “if” in that sentence).

Does this mean the Rockies stink? No. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, as they say; they probably are not elite on the level that they showed in April and they probably are not door mats like they were this past week. But this losing stretch certainly threw some ice water on the excitement surrounding 2014.

It is easy, and perfectly understandable, to take this opportunity to point at everything that is wrong with the Rockies. But how about the bright side? Let’s give that a shot and try to focus on ways that things will still get better for the Rockies.

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