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Troy Tulowitzki is not phased by trade rumors

Troy Tulowitzki, like his bosses Dan O’Dowd and Dick Monfort, can’t really win when he gives interviews or answers questions. It seems that no matter what he says, it irks somebody or makes a faction of Colorado Rockies fans upset.

So when Tulo was asked about Tom Verducci’s silly theory that he will be next in line to replace Derek Jeter on the New York Yankees, there might not have been a right answer. Taking his best swing at it, Tulo said the following (quotes from the Denver Post):

There’s no doubt that the question is not going to go away. Look at this (past) offseason with the trade rumors involving me. You try not to pay attention to them, but at the same time, they are there. My job is to help the Rockies win games this season. That’s what is in front of me right now…It’s going to be out there. I understand and I am fine with that. It’s not the first time it’s happened.”

The past trade rumors would be those that involved the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s hard to come up with an actual good reason to think the Rockies should trade him, other than the half-baked theories floating around the interwebs (because he’s injury prone, because he has a bad attitude, or because the team needs to rebuild). The later we get into his and Carlos Gonzalez‘s contracts, things stand to get dicey, but that’s a problem for then. For now, it just would not make sense.

At the moment the theory that Tulo will be Jeter’s or anybody else’s immediate replacement is hogwash. Tulo could have said as much, but that just would have made somebody mad.

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