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Brett Anderson: 'They've welcomed me with open arms' (Video)

It’s not often that the Colorado Rockies have the chance to be the team that comes away from a transaction looking really smart…the team that made the big, impactful move that nobody saw coming.

With the acquisition of Brett Anderson from the Oakland A’s, they have the chance to be that team (on the flip side, if Drew Pomeranz clicks in Oakland they could just as easily end up the goats).

Nevertheless, it is exceedingly difficult to add elite starting pitching in the big leagues. It will always require a concession of some kind, whether it be prospects in a trade, an overpay in terms of money, or taking on some other type of risk.

The risk with Anderson is his health. The risk is worth taking, because the payoff for the Rockies will be tremendous if Anderson clicks and pitches well at the top of their rotation. As such they have made him feel welcome with his new squad, something the left-handed starter discussed this week (video from MLB.com):

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