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Ryan Spilborghs retires, will join Root broadcast team

Ryan Spilborghs is known as much for his personality and sense of humor as he is for the solid contributions he made to the Colorado Rockies over the years.

He spent a year with the Cleveland Indians organization and then a year in Japan, but we all know that Spilly will always be a member of the Rockies first and foremost.

Spilborghs confirmed as much yesterday, announcing his retirement from baseball via his “Spillin’ the Beans” blog on the Denver Post’s website. The exciting news, though, came when Spilborghs announced that he will be joining the Root Sports coverage of the Rockies, taking the seat previously occupied by Tracy Ringolsby.

Be sure to check out the complete post from Spilly here, but here is how he wrapped things up:

I have no regrets about walking away. I’ve experienced so much from a career I’m sure few ever dreamed for me. The amount of random paths I’ve crossed, the people that I’ve met and shared moments with have filled me with great appreciation for life and how interconnected we all are. I can’t wait for this next chapter, I know it’s gonna be a challenge, but if I have learned anything, nothing that comes easy is worth wasting a moment of time. Take chances, dream big and gamble on yourself.

See you soon,


I cannot wait to see Spilly in this new role. He showed last year that he has the chops to be honest and not just offer fluff about his former team; his piece on PEDs in baseball was thoughtful and nuanced. If something harsh needs to be said, I believe Spilly will say it. He will be hilarious and will continue to be hilarious, but I believe there will be more to his analysis than that.

He has big shoes to fill, as Ringolsby is a pro’s pro (not surprising that he got snagged up full-time by But I think Spilly will be up for it, and if nothing else, he will probably be nicer to people on Twitter than the Cowboy.

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