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Colorado Rockies transaction news: Manuel Corpas is back again

Manny Corpas is meant to stay with the Colorado Rockies. That’s just how it is.

We’re all hanging onto those little threads of 2007, the year of Rocktober and a trip to the World Series. If we stay connected to those memories, maybe it seems like it wasn’t so long ago.

If guys like Corpas and Jeff Francis (last year) can still be big league pitchers for the Rockies, maybe that means the team isn’t that far removed from being a contender (though we’re playing pretty fast and loose with the terms “big league pitchers” in that sentence).

That thinking is not rational, but it is still perfectly permissible for fans to embrace it. As for the front office, well, they probably should not be prone to use such a thought process.

For whatever the reasons may be, Corpas agreed to a minor league deal with the Rockies on Friday. Thomas Harding of had the report:

He can opt out, but that doesn’t seem likely (he’ll look good in a Sky Sox cap). Corpas would have been eligible for arbitration this year, but the Rockies removed him from the roster to avoid that situation before re-signing him today.

In 31 appearances for Colorado last season, Corpas had a 4.54 ERA over 41.2 innings. If he does pitch for the Rockies this year, it will likely be as a mop-up/long reliever type guy on days that the team is shorthanded. He is 31 years old.

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