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What if the Colorado Rockies are good?

The Colorado Rockies probably won’t be good in 2014. They were bad last season and they will likely be no better than average next season. At least that’s my opinion.

This is a commonly held opinion. As such, you don’t have to look far among Rockies fans to find significant unrest. Frustration. Full-blown anger.

The call is a familiar one: this front office needs to be fired. This team is going nowhere with the current owners. This franchise is a joke. How can anybody take them seriously?

I get it. I get all of it. I’m mad.

I believe Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett should be fired, and I will probably write about it over the course of the next eight months or so. In that context, I want to pose a question. I am being serious when I ask you:

What if the Colorado Rockies are good?

What if the front office got it right?

I don’t bring this up to debate the merits of signing Justin Morneau or trading Dexter Fowler. I bring it up to consider what it would be like for fans if, after an off-season of absolutely skewering this front office, they were right about these moves and the Rockies end up being good.

If that unlikely scenario plays out, it should be nothing but fun for fans, right? Being a sports fan is supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to be happy with your team wins. I love the Colorado Rockies. For my part, I try my best to curb my frustration so that I can still just sit and cheer for my team.

Nobody gets to tell anybody else how to be a fan, but I would just ask this: are you so mad at the front office that you’re not going to be able to enjoy Rockies victories? If so, what’s the point?

It’s not up to me how anybody cheers for the Rockies, but I just think this is an interesting question to consider.

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